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Cases which result in the acquittal of clients are not often reported in the local press. Presumably somebody thinks it is not newsworthy to report that somebody hasn’t done something.

We will therefore blow our own trumpet. In the last 12 months or so our successes have included:-

The successful defence of a local licensee against a Prosecution brought by the mighty B Sky B. The client was acquitted and costs were ordered to be reimbursed out of public funds.

The successful defence of three clients accused of “money laundering”. The Crown Prosecution Service said that the matter was so serious that it should go to the Crown Court. At a contested hearing the District Judge said that there was insufficient evidence and the case was discharged before it even got to the Crown Court. Our clients got their property back and their costs were met from public funds.

We have defended four clients accused of not complying with “Dispersal Notices”. Again 100% success rate. (All cases dismissed after trial or dropped).

In a number of cases (theft, assault or public order) our clients have pleaded not guilty in situations where the Prosecution have said that there is CCTV evidence which is of “no evidential value”. We have insisted on seeing the CCTV evidence and show it to the Magistrates. The clients have been acquitted. In one such case we insisted on receiving and examining 36 hours worth of CCTV which had not been examined by the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service. We found the relevant part, showed it to the Prosecutor and the house burglary case faced by our client in the Youth Court was dropped.

In a drink driving case our client had been convicted of driving a car on a public road. We checked the location on Google, attended the location in Lancashire and took photographs which showed it was not a public road. The client was acquitted after a successful appeal to the Crown Court.

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