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About Us

The firm, Bunting & Riley, was founded in January 2004 to provide specialist legal advice and assistance to all those coming into contact with the Criminal Justice System. Our focus is exclusively criminal defence work and we can therefore provide consistent representation from Police Station through to Crown Court and beyond.

At Bunting & Riley we pride ourselves on ensuring that we are up to date with all developments in Law and Procedure in the ever changing world of Criminal Defence Work so as to provide the best and most comprehensive service to our clients. In addition to a wealth of knowledge and experience, we offer a personal and approachable service to enable our clients to meet and overcome the difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

All criminal matters are serious and significant to those that face them. At Bunting & Riley we apply expert knowledge of the law to all our cases. Some firms may only give that quality of service to their more serious or complex cases. At Bunting & Riley we pride ourselves on realising that to each client his or her own case is the most serious.

That’s why we are committed in giving you the comprehensive legal help and support your case requires for its own individual personalised needs.

The extent of legal support we can provide is extremely wide and varied, so whether you’ve been in a road traffic accident or an assault case then please contact the legal professionals here at Bunting & Riley and we will be pleased to provide you with assistance.

Whether it is preserving your driving licence, protecting your assets from being seized by the Police or protecting you from allegations involving theft, drugs, violence or of a sexual nature then Bunting & Riley solicitors can provide the comprehensive service that meets your needs.

Our commitment is to our clients with a quality service built on our reputation of high levels of legal knowledge and expertise, steadfast defence of our client’s interest at the Police Station and formidable advocacy skills at Court.

Even a minor matter such as an allegation arising from an argument with a Police Officer can be very serious for the individual client and merits proper care. At Bunting & Riley our research and application of the law enables our clients to properly defend these allegations with unrivalled success.

From this foundation we are able to deal with all offences in a diligent and expert way so whether or not you face an allegation of assault or a complicated fraud you can be assured of the highest levels of expertise from the start to the conclusion of your case.

Each of our lawyers has 20 years experience practising in criminal law. When you need it most you can rely on this depth of experience to provide you with the most comprehensive service from the Police station through to Crown Court. This will give you peace of mind and assurance that we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to providing legal assistance for your specific law requirements within a wide variety of legal contexts.

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