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Criminal Law

At Bunting & Riley not only do we offer the advice and assistance that is required but also provide that advice and assistance sympathetically.

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Road Traffic Law

Our traffic law specialist James Riley has spent many years supporting clients with legal traffic law cases and is a specialist in this area.

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Case Studies

Cases which result in the acquittal of clients are not often reported in the local press. Presumably somebody thinks it is not newsworthy to report that somebody hasn't done something.

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What Our Clients Say

Covering Buxton and the Surrounding Areas

  • Thank you

    Thank you

    ” I would like to extend my utmost gratitude…….. what you have done for me I cannot begin to pay you back for. To have somebody fighting my corner has been extremely beneficial. My gratitude is also extended to anybody else in your firm that had any input in my case. “
  • Much Appriciated

    Much Appriciated

    “I am writing to say thank you for all the help and effort that had been put into my case and the concern shown….. I am very grateful and greatly appreciate all the help since January 2011 and wish you all well for the future. .”

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