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Road Traffic Law

We think there are two things which are important about road traffic cases. Firstly they can be vitally important to the client. Secondly they involve many “technical” legal issues. In a rural area like ours we realise the importance of both aspects.

We have a growing local reputation for spotting good points and avoiding bad ones. A loophole is no use if you can’t get through it and the attempt costs a small fortune!

Over the years we have dealt with many legal cases regarding road traffic law (including drink driving cases) and we have successfully acquitted our clients of the charges brought against them. We realise that having your vehicle licence revoked is often a traumatic experience as it is often means loss of livelihood to the driver concerned.

A person’s driving licence is often directly related to their income and we will do our very best to assist you legally with any such case. Please see our case studies for information and examples of how we can help with legal issues you have regarding traffic law cases.

Our traffic law specialist James Riley has spent many years supporting clients with legal traffic law cases and is a specialist in this area.

His expertise extends back for 2 decades in this area, so you can be given assurance of sound legal advice when it comes to traffic law assistance, and will do all he can to provide support in looking into every area of your case on an individual basis.

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